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strip malls & churches:The Wall Street Journal

outtakes from The Wall Street Journal assignment I shot for The Wall Street Journal this afternoon. The turn around was only a few hours, and fortunately I was in my car with computer and camera to shoot some other work when I received the call.

Austin has quite an array of unconventional strip malls, which are always a challenge to photograph. It's compelling to show the vacancy of space, but that wasn't the intent of this story. Shooting from the nearby elevated highway was tempting, but the legal and safety risk quickly ended that thought. I did have a good sign to work with and did what I could. We brought a needed human quality to the visual story and Bishop Nathan Thomas was kind enough to give me some time at the beginning of a service he was conducting nearby. While waiting on Bishop Thomas I scouted out a few spots with good natural light and a solid background and was able to take a few portraits in a matter of minutes. Then it was off to file the images away ASAP for publishing.

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