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Henry's Legacy for Vail

I teamed up with Dave Clifford to put together a film honoring the legacy of Henry, Vail’s first avalanche patrol dog who was nearing his retirement. We shot during the first substantial snow storm of the season and turned around the piece a few weeks later.

In 2008, Chris "Mongo" Reeder started the Vail Avalanche Dog Program with his golden retriever, Henry.

After 11 seasons on Vail Ski Patrol, Henry looks back at his impact as he nears retirement.


Producer: Hannah Eflin / Vail Resorts
Director: Dave Clifford
Writer: Kari Mohr
Co-Writer: Blake Gordon
DP: Nelson Carayannis / Mind Frame Cinema
Second Camera: Blake Gordon and Dave Clifford
Editor: Blake Gordon
Assistant Editor: Will Sardisnky
Narration: Sam Scholl
Special Thanks: Ben Knight/Ben Moon/Skip Armstrong and "Denali"

Blake Gordon