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Texas Water Safari: The World's Toughest Canoe Race

Texas Water Safari 2008260 miles in the June Texas heat. The course runs from San Marcos to the Gulf and is not too technically challenging, though there are some spillways, old cotton gin dams, alligator gar, crocodiles, and other buggers. In addition to stills, I shot video for the Texas Film Syndicate for an upcoming film about the race entitled Hard Water.

The New York Times wrote about the race last yearhere.

National Geographic Adventuree will be running a spread of the race in their September 2008 issue

2XtM: Outside Magazine

Jason Magness snow kiting across North Dakota fieldsThe 2XtM (To Cross the Moon) expedition is a group of three young, yoga-inspired athletes (the YogaSlackers) snowkiting across North Dakota to demonstrate the potential for wind energy. I joined their expedition for five days to photograph their trip. I never knew North Dakota was so beautiful.

A story on their expedition is in the June issue of Outside Magazine. They have also setup a web gallery here.