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en route: topographic cloudscapes

I've been doing a bunch of flying lately for a wedding and a couple of jobs via Aurora: two video/photo/sound shoots for eBay and a travel piece for Migros, a Swiss magazine. This airtime has afforded me the opportunity to observe quite a few cloudscapes. To look at them as topographically is really intriguing - it is a world up there. Anytime I'm in the air I'm reminded of both how ubiquitous humanity is and how foolish we can be as we get caught up in the super thin slice of the earth we inhabit that we lose any imagination of an existence beyond it. Below is a relevant quote pulled from a National Geographic article centered on aerial images of South America.

"Something happens when we look on the earth in that way: Mankind becomes a mere anecdote against that staggering canvas; we see ourselves as we really are - bound to the natural world around us. Mites upon a mighty orb." - Marie Arana

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