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interview at I Love Texas Photo

I Love Texas Photo just posted an interview that I did with them a few weeks ago. In it I get to speak about my personal work, career trajectory, and recent feature for The Nature Conservancy on the Edwards Aquifer.

I Love Texas Photo features work from Texas-based photographers and was created by Jasmine Defore who previously worked at Redux. Sarah Lim conducted the interview. Thanks to both of them.

LOOKbetween Coming back from an assignment in northern New Mexico, I headed straight for Dallas and hopped in the car with Brandon Thibodeaux to head just outside of Charlottesville, VA to the LOOKbetween photography festival at Deep Rock Farm on June 11-13.

It was an amazing time - over and finished in way too short of a time. I got to catch up with a number of great friends and even meet a few new ones. I just wish there would've been more time to speak with some of the people I didn't know. I was really impressed and inspired by the quality and range of projections that were shown on Friday and Saturday night.

I conducted a few interviews with the Creative Action Team to both foster dialogue and get to know the working process of other photographer/artist/creative folks there. I could've easily spent two weeks doing this but all the magic was squeezed into a short weekend.

It was a true pleasure to be out at the farm, see old friends, meet new ones, swim in the lake and a mountain swimming hole, see the fantastic work, listen to live mountain music, and share the power of photography. Many thanks to all who contributed to the event.

en route: topographic cloudscapes

I've been doing a bunch of flying lately for a wedding and a couple of jobs via Aurora: two video/photo/sound shoots for eBay and a travel piece for Migros, a Swiss magazine. This airtime has afforded me the opportunity to observe quite a few cloudscapes. To look at them as topographically is really intriguing - it is a world up there. Anytime I'm in the air I'm reminded of both how ubiquitous humanity is and how foolish we can be as we get caught up in the super thin slice of the earth we inhabit that we lose any imagination of an existence beyond it. Below is a relevant quote pulled from a National Geographic article centered on aerial images of South America.

"Something happens when we look on the earth in that way: Mankind becomes a mere anecdote against that staggering canvas; we see ourselves as we really are - bound to the natural world around us. Mites upon a mighty orb." - Marie Arana

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