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Emmy nomination / catching up

I'm back from another trip to Guyana and have plenty of catching up to do, but am incredibly flattered to receive an Emmy nomination for my contribution to a NPR/ProPublica piece on traumatic brain injuries in the military. The piece can be found here. The story was in the later stages when I was called in and so my contribution owes a lot to the investigative reporting from Daniel Zwerdling and T. Christian Miller at ProPublica, John Poole's video interview at NPR and photo editor, Coburn Dukehart's ability to weave it together into a well crafted multi-media story.

But of course, none of that work compares to Victor Medina and the other servicemen and women who have had to deal with TBI and have had the courage to try and change military practices for the better.

nightwalks: PDN Photo Annual

Darrel K. Royal Stadium, 3:42 am The 'Nightwalks' work was recognized by PDN (Photo District News) in their 2008 Photo Annual.

The Nightwalks project developed through an exploration of Austin between 2am and 5am. The sense of the city was so different from what is commonly observe that it renders a different place entirely. Instead of traveling to visit somewhere by plane or car, why not go by time?

It is work I'm continuing to develop and use an investigative tool of place.

PDN: World in Focus

Dance of Virga and lightningPDN (Photo District News, in conjunction with National Geographic Traveler) selected two images for the World of Focus contest. One in the 'Wilderness Photography' category and the other in 'Extreme Exploration'.

They are both from Canyonlands National Park during a summer storm I encountered while testing methods for my nightscape work.

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